XR Envisioning
XR Envisioning
XR Envisioning

8ninths XR Envisioning is an in-depth, structured, collaborative process that produces both high level ideation and a focused project framework for XR business applications.

Envisioning XR Life Science with the Institute for Systems Biology

Envisioning XR applications to advance human wellness and disease prevention with Dr. Leroy Hood and the Institute for Systems Biology.

Envisioning XR in Education with Seattle Pacific University

Working with Seattle Pacific University to envision how XR could impact the student experience, 8ninths produced a 360 video that offers prospective students an immersive introduction to SPU.

Envisioning XR for Retail

Envisioning how XR applications can integrate with existing RFID and beacon analytics technologies to transform workflows for retailers, merchandisers and manufacturers.

Envisioning XR for Engineering

Envisioning XR applications for engineering that utilize holographic 3D models in conjunction with annotations and inventory data,

Envisioning XR for Automotive

Envisioning XR applications for automotive dealerships that allow customers to visualize customization options and virtually travel to different environments.